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What you believe is what you receive.

I’ve had sciatica over the years that comes and goes. But lately, it seems to have set up shop in my left hip and it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere.


Day to day, it’s just an annoyance. But when it flares up, it throws off my balance on my left leg when I’m in Warrior Three, especially when I have weights in my hand. I know…poor me. But this is going somewhere I promise.


Because…for several weeks on Wednesday nights while teaching a Yoga Sculpt class, right around 6:45 pm, when I’d pick up the weights and do said Warrior Three, I’d lose my balance and fall out of it.


This isn’t the biggest deal, except that I’m teaching on a stage in a GIANT old-school studio where I’m sure high-energy step aerobics classes were going down in the 80’s and 90’s. So, all eyes are on me. And you always want a teacher who can make it through their own workouts.


Fast forward to last Wednesday, I’m back on stage and think “You know what? I’ll just demonstrate on the right side and skip the left.” Who cares? They won’t notice.


So, I put down my weights, sit on the edge of the stage, and talk them through it. And…now I’ve given my negative beliefs even more power. Lame.


While my Warrior Three example seems a little silly, think of all the times each day we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. And know that really what we’re saying is I’m afraid to fail. And more importantly, I don’t want anyone to see me fail.


Changing patterns of behavior starts with our beliefs. If you believe you're good enough. You are. If you believe you aren’t good enough. You still are, but those negative beliefs are going to drag you down, whether you’re in a yoga pose or off your mat and out in the world.


So, tell the crazy thoughts to quiet down and believe that you deserve success. And know that everyone, at least anyone who truly matters, believes you deserve success too. And the more you believe, the more you’ll receive.



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