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Nothing Grows in the Comfort Zone.

We all have that proverbial line in the sand in life where discomfort becomes too much. Our fight or flight instincts kick in to keep us safe, even when we’re not in any danger.


So, we spend most of our lives making ourselves as comfortable as possible, both physically and mentally, especially as we age. At least I do.


It could be a physical moment of discomfort, like sitting in a teeny, tiny chair meant for the butt of a 9 yr. old at your daughter’s parent/teacher conference. It happens just once or twice a year for 15 minutes max, but you’re so focused on the discomfort that you can hardly focus. 


Or maybe it’s mental, now sitting very comfortably in your parked car outside a potential new employer’s office for an interview, going over the reasons one by one why you won’t get the job.


Or it could be both physical and mental discomfort, like holding Hanuman asana (the splits) in a yoga class way past the time when you were sure it was going to be over. I see this one all the time .


It’s a constant battle to catch reactions to both outside and often self-induced stress, neither fighting nor flying, but staying present, leaning into that discomfort because these are our micro-opportunities for growth every day.


Even as I’m writing I can hear myself trying to talk me out of finishing and posting. But I know that if I don’t finish and nudge the line just a little further away, when I pick it back up later, I’ll be right back here all over again.


How do I know? Because I AM right back here all over again. I couldn’t do it last time.


The point is, nothing grows in the comfort zone, including you.


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