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What You Avoid Doesn't go Away

The teacher says, ‘Let’s go to the wall!’ And you think, the wall? Ugh, I hate going to the wall. So instead, you choose to be the ONE person who stays where they are in the middle of the room. It’s awkward (and boring), so you pass the time scrolling social media on your phone, waiting for wall time to be over.


And yes, this happened in my class yesterday.

But spoiler alert…avoiding the wall does not make it go away. It’ll be right there where you left it in class tomorrow, next week, and minus a natural disaster, all your classes this year. 


It’s not the wall you don’t like. It’s the fear of what might happen when at the wall. An unfounded fear, since most likely nothing bad has ever happened to you at any wall. Ever.


So, it’s time to flip the narrative and see the wall for what it is, a tool, like a block or a strap. A tool to help you move forward in your practice, ultimately helping you move forward in life.


The point is that what we avoid doesn’t go away. It only makes things bigger and scarier than they are. So, get out of your head, move forward, and get your butt to the wall.



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