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yoga in
the middle
of the holidays.



Make it through the holidays one pose at a time. Holiday HIIT's is designed to keep your yoga practice on track and consistent over the holidays.

The series kicks off on Thanksgiving day and carries you all the way through to Christmas. Put the work in now and your resolutions for the new year will be that much more attainable.

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  • When does the Holiday HIIT's Series begin?
    Holiday HIIT's begins on Thanksgiving Day and ends on Christmas day. You'll have access to the program prior to the launch and can preview the themes and workouts for each day. The first complete workout wil be available on November 24th
  • Is access to Holiday HIIT's free for HIIT & Run Yoga Members?
    Yes! Access to the series is free for all monthly and yearly HIIT & Run Yoga members. Just reserve your spot on the Holday HIITS landing page and login with your current username and password.
  • What is the cost for Holiday HIIT's access?
    For Monthly and Yearly HIIT & Run Yoga members access to the Holiday HIIT's series is free and included in your membership. For non members, Early Bird Pricing for access to the series is $4.99 for 31 days of yoga. Goto 'JOIN' and select the Holiday HIITS Series. You'll be asked to set up a free account. To log to the series please click on 'Reserve Your Spot' on the Holiday HIITS page. Please note you'll only have access to the Holiday HIIT's series and not On Demand workouts or other programs.
  • What's included in my Holiday HIIT's membership?
    As a Holiday HIIT's member you'll have access to the entire 31 Day Series which begins on November 25th. This program is designed to fit into your life, with options for 10, 20 or 30 minute workouts every day. You'll also get access to 4 weekly Zoom Classes prior to launch. Days and times below. Classes are one hour in length and EST: Saturday, November 6th: 11am HIIT & Run Yoga Workout Wednesay November 10th: 12pm Yoga with Weights Wednesday November 17th: 12pm Yoga with Weights Saturday, November 20th: 11am HIIT & Run Yoga Workout
  • As a Holiday HIIT's member how do I login?
    Once you join, you'll be recognized as a participant of the series. Just click on HOLIDAY HIITS in the top navigation and click on either 'see program' or 'reserve a spot' and you're ready to go. If you've logged out, click on 'log in' with your account details and resume the program.
  • Can I do this at my own pace?
    Yes, you can do the series at your own place. But please note on December 26th the program will no longer be available so please make sure to complete all workouts by that day. Use it or lose it.
  • How do the Yoga Programs work & how many are there?
    We currently have 14 yoga programs (175 total classes) for you to follow ranging from 3-50 days in length. Each program is unique with a specific focus; strength, balance, flexibility, core, cardio & yoga with weights. The yoga programs are set up like online courses, with each day leading to the next. Complete one day and move on to the next. Looking for a focused program? Go for the 7 day Weighted Series, 3 day Core Series or 5 day balance, flexibility & strength programs. If you just want to move, do the 3 day Flow Series, 7 day Miami Series & 5 day Napa Bootcamp. I also recommend the 21 day Moving Meditation to help develop a daily meditation practice. We also offer a special Holiday HIIT's program that runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Each program (except Holiday HIIT's) is self paced. You can do the programs as a challenge, one class every day till you finish. Or you can spread the program out over time. There is no time limit to finish.
  • How many On Demand yoga classes do you have?
    We have more than 500 On Demand Yoga classes with new added every week, ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in length, each with a specific focus; strength, core, flexibility, balance, cardio & yoga with weights. The majority are vinyasa (flow yoga) classes, meaning we are flowing from one pose to the next. We also have many what we like to call 'Hold the Pose' yoga classes. In these classes we hold poses for approximately 60 seconds, building strength, stamina & stability. We also have a very large library of yoga with weights classes focused on building strength through resistance. Light hand weights are used in these classes.
  • Do you offer unlimited Livestream (Zoom) classes?
    We offer 2-3 livestream classes every week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning. These are included as part of your monthly or yearly membership. Once you join you can sign up for unlimited classes. Many members do a combination of On Demand classes, livestream classes & yoga programs. We focus on form and alignment in the Livestream classes which members then put to the test in the classes they do on their own.
  • What is Get Off Your Asana?
    Get Off Your Asana is a 21 Day moving meditation program to help you develop a daily meditation practice. For many people, sitting still with your eyes closed to meditate is very challenging. In this program we move, albeit slowly, with each pose held for approximately 5 seconds. After these 21 days you'll build the skills to create your own moving meditation practice.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes, you are free to cancel your membership at any time. After the 7 Day free trial expires, you will be charged for your first month (or year) of access. There is no minimum amount of time you need to give notice to cancel. Just go to your account, click cancel, and you won't be charged for the next month.
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