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21 Day 'Moving Meditation' Series

About the Series

This is the perfect program for those of you who know meditation is good for you, but have a hard time sitting completely still with your eyes closed. In this meditation practice, we move. ​ This is not a yoga class. This is to meditate. You do it first thing in the morning. It's only ten minutes. We'll breathe, then move to a five second beat. This creates our moving meditation. Why five second intervals? Why first thing in the morning?Because it sets you up for the most successful day possible. Later in the day, you'll have decisions to make and tasks to complete. And you may not want to make or do them. If you don't physically 'move' on them within five seconds, your brain will stop you, you may not make the right choice and your day will be derailed. ​ The same is true for stressful situations. Your boss is yelling at you and you want to yell back (been there). You're impatient in the car and want to honk the horn (there too). Or you fight with your spouse and want to throw something (yep). You'll be able to 'Take 5' and act instead of react. With this series, you build the tools to move forward in life. You'll manage and reduce your stress and anxiety. Our way in is through movement, five seconds, our eyes wide open.


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