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5 Day Napa Bootcamp Series

About the Series

Welcome to the 5 Day Yoga Bootcamp Series shot in the Napa Valley. In each class we alternate between three strength focused yoga sequences that really pack a punch, and three HIIT drills. This is the perfect series if you're looking to shake up your normal routine and take things up a notch, or two. Each day of the challenge the sequences change, always keeping you on your toes, with a focus on both our upper and lower body. Each sequence is approximately 7-10 minutes long, and is followed by a HIIT drill which include mountain climbers, crunches, burpees (yuck), dolphin pushups, etc. This is truly the 'get your butt in shape' challenge! This is also the perfect series for those of you who just want to move and flow and not think! We spend very little time on alignment in each class since we're only in a pose for a breath or two, which helps us stay in our bodies and out of our heads. I shot this in the spring, inspired by the saying 'summer bodies are not made in the summer', which is absolutely true. By summer it's too late! But regardless of the season, push yourself do do all 5 days in a row. You will feel a huge difference in both your stamina and strength. Oh and you'll be sore. Really sore :).


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