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Nov 23, 2023 - Dec 25, 2023

Holiday HIITS

About the Series

Welcome to Holiday HIIT's! We're entering the most chaotic time of year where we eat and drink more and exercise less. Great combo! It's hard to be consistent with almost anything around the holidays, so I've created this easy to follow program where you choose how long you want your workout to be. In this series we take our yoga one interval at a time, with each interval in class designed to keep you engaged and challenged from start to finish. Each class consists of 6 unique and themed intervals focused on cardio, strength, stamina or flexibility. All interval are timed with a countdown clock, counting down to the next interval as well as an overall class timer so you know exactly where you are every minute of class. These first few days we focus on cardio because...well we're eating more. Duh. Consistency is the key. This series is designed to fit into your life, with options for 10, 20 or 30 minute workouts every day. Be consistent now, during the craziest time of the year and you can be consistent anytime. And you know those New Year's Resolutions you talk about each January? They will be that much more attainable.


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