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5 Day Cardio Yoga Series

About the Series

Welcome to my brand spankin' new 5 Day Cardio Yoga Series where we take out yoga one interval at a time. Shot on the sands of Manhattan Beach, this series takes off like a rocket from the first sun salutation and keeps on giving till the final drill. Usually when we think about cardio we think of jogging, running, cycling, the usual suspects. But yoga? Yep! We use the fast flows to get our heart rate up, then take it up another notch (or two) with drills. Then after a short break we dive back in. Each class consists of 9 intervals; 3 fast flows, 3 high energy drills & 3 breaks. Imagine you're running at a steady pace, then you do a 60-90 second sprint, and then walk for 20-30 seconds. This is the pattern in this class. Blue = Yoga Flows Red = Drills Yellow = Breaks When you see blue, we're flowing through a sequence. When you see red we're challenged with a drill. And when you see yellow it's break time! You can grab some water or just catch your breath. Please keep in mind that in this series we are focused on moving. Period. There are no alignment cues since it's a nonstop flow. We'll save those cues for another program where we hold poses :)


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