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5 Day Flexibility Series

About the Series

A focused 5 Day Yoga Series helping you build flexibility from head to toe! Each day we focus on a part of our bodies that tends to need the most attention which are; hamstrings, shoulders, hips, quads & back. We'll tackle each of these areas day by day through a combination of active and passive stretches. Building flexibility is a marathon, not s sprint. It took you years to get inflexible which means it will take some time loosening you back up. The progress from day to day is minimal. What we're looking for is the cumulative effect of many days worth of work that when added together mean a happier and more mobile you. I highly recommend this series for those of you who have limited mobility in your body because unfortunately this will only get worse as you age. One note, if building flexibility felt good we would all be flexible. But we aren't. And it doesn't. Similar to the strength series, as humans we don't like feeling uncomfortable in any part of our lives, especially physically. We avoid activities that put stress on our bodies because it doesn't feel good. And since building flexibility doesn't feel so hot, you're going to naturally tense up, which is the opposite of what we want. When feelings of discomfort pop up, just breathe. Turn your focus back to your breath and relax. Send that signal to your brain that everything's ok. Because it is :).


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