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5 Day Interval Training Series

About the Series

Welcome to the 5 Day Interval Training Series shot on the rocks of Palos Verdes! There are surfers back behind you, I've got waves crashing down on me, and this series is made up of classic HIIT & Run classes but with a twist. This series is going down interval style! Each class consists of 9 intervals; 3 yoga flows or sequences, 3 HIIT drills & 3 breaks. All interval are timed with a countdown clock, counting down to the next interval as well as an overall class timer. Blue = Yoga Flows Red = HIIT drills Yellow = Breaks When you see blue, we're flowing through a sequence. When you see red we're challenged with a HIIT drill. And when you see yellow it's break time! You can grab some water or just catch your breath. Each class has been broken down into intervals to help you stay tuned in and engaged throughout class, helping you stay in your body and out of your head. Nothing's a surprise. In this program I want you to know exactly where you are every minute of class, as well as what's coming up next. The flows are classic and the HIIT drills focus on building both upper body and core strength, as well as building your endurance and stamina. And you can't beat the background!


2 Plans Available, From $9.99/month
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