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7 Day Beginner Program

About the Series

In the Seven Day Beginner Yoga Program you'll learn to practice yoga one pose at a time. Each day is separated into two parts; Practice & Flow. In the Practice portion of the program we take the top 25 poses you'll find in pretty much any yoga class around the world and break each pose down. We tackle them in groups of five, focusing on alignment and modifications, going over the basics of what to do and not do in each. Then in the Flow portion we put these five poses together in a mini class, practicing the transitions from one pose to the next, cleanly coming into and out of each. DAY 1: Down Dog, Plank, Up Dog, Cobra, Awkward Chair DAY 2: Warrior One, Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior, Triangle, Half Moon DAY 3: Crescent, Lunge, Warrior Three, Standing Split, Pyramid Pose DAY 4: Awkward Chair Twist, Basic Twist, Classic Twist, Straight Leg Twist, Crescent Twist DAY 5: Tree, Standing Pigeon, Eagle, Dancer, Crow Finally there are 2 Beginner Practice Classes where classes are built around the poses we learned. They move at a slow pace and focus on both alignment and transitions. My goal is to get you up and practicing yoga as quickly and safely as possible!


2 Plans Available, From $9.99/month

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