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3 Day Core Yoga Series

About the Series

Welcome to the 3 Day Core Yoga Intensive! Over these three days we are building strength, stamina & stability in the middle of our bodies. Each day will be a combination of core focused yoga sequences as well as core focused drills. In the drills we build the kind of strength commonly associated with a 'core focused' class: leg lifts, side planks, boat, mountain climbers, etc. In the sequences were looking for more stamina and stability, using our core to hold each pose together, especially as we transition from pose to pose. Core focused classes are some of my favorites because it's just so clear, you know where you're using your core and when you're not! And our goal over these three days is to stay engaged in our middle for as long as we can in each class. Ultimately our goal is building strength in the front of our bodies to support the back of our bodies. Nearly 65 million people in this country complain of back pain, with more than 16 million experiencing persistent or chronic pain. A little more core stability will go a long way in making sure you aren't one of these people!


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