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10 Day Hawaii Series

About the Series

Join me for 'The Hawaii Series, 10 days of yoga shot in out of this world locations in Maui and Oahu! Each day you'll be challenged by a new workout & focus including Balance, Core, Strength, Flexibility & Cardio. Each workout also brings a new location. We kick things off first in west Maui with Balance & Core focused classes, then head to Kaanapali for a couple days with an intense Cardio session followed up by a Flexibility day where we stretch everything out. We wrap the Maui tour up with a Balance focused workout shot in Lahaina. From there we make our way to Oahu, heading straight to Waikiki beach for another round of Core, as well as our first Strength focused workout, holding each pose for one minute. Doesn't sound like much...but once we string them all together in a long sequence you'll be feeling this one tomorrow! In Days 8, 9 & 10 we head to the Hilton Lagoon for our last balance, cardio & flexibility focused workouts. It was just too beautiful to move on so I set up camp here for the last three days! PLEASE NOTE: these workouts don't need to be done 10 days in a row. Take your time and pace yourself. Please mix in your live class workouts as well as your cardio routine. Or add this on to take things up a notch!


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