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7 Day Reset Your Breath Series

About the Series

Welcome to this 7-day breath-focused class. When we feel stressed or anxious, our breathing patterns change. We tend to take smaller, more shallow breaths at a quicker pace, which only increases those feelings of anxiety. In this series, you’ll practice resetting your breathing pattern, slowing it down, with deeper and more relaxed breaths. This is the perfect tool to help you stay calm and in control, especially during stressful situations. Imagine your least favorite yoga pose, and you're in it WAY longer than you'd like to be. It could be Headstand, Warrior Two, or even the splits. The longer you're there, the more uncomfortable you become, until ultimately your 'fight or flight' response kicks in. Meaning we fight our way through the pose, tense and anxious for it to be over, or we fly, coming out and calling it quits. The same is true for life off the mat. Every day we have minor stressors coming our way. Someone cuts you off while driving, the school nurse calls to say your daughter is sick, or you drop your favorite coffee mug (this happened to me yesterday!) How do we react? Are we the calm in the never-ending storm called life, or is our entire day thrown off course? Over these 7 days, we practice using our breath to keep us calm. So that the next time you find yourself in that least favorite yoga pose, or cleaning up coffee and pottery shards off the kitchen floor, you can stay mentally centered and take things in stride. Let's breathe.


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