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50 Day NYC Series

About the Series

As part of the Yoga in the City Series, see New York City like you never have before as we travel from one neighborhood to the next. From the Brooklyn Bridge to China Town to the West Side Highway, each yoga class was shot on the on the streets of New York City. This is an easy to follow 50 Day Yoga Program with each day leading to the next. Keeping you on your toes, each day brings a new focus, with an emphasis on strength, balance, core, stamina & flexibility, giving you the kick in the butt when you need it and a little TLC when we've pushed it to the limit.​ With over 27 hours worth of yoga, you'll level up your practice, coming out on the other side stronger, feeling more flexible from head to toe, and of course focused. By class 10 you'll already start to feel and see changes. Even with yoga we can sometimes get stuck in a routine, not challenging our bodies and mind in different ways, plateauing in our practice. This series is meant to shake that routine up, and get you out of your comfort zone. And please note, this is a self-paced program. You don't need to do all 50 days in a row. Sprinkle these in each week if you'd like, in addition to your normally scheduled fitness routine!


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