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3 Day Flow Yoga Beach Series

About the Series

Welcome to the 3 Day Flow Yoga Beach Series! Each day we flow through a new sequence getting our vinyasa on. We start each day by running through the sequence slowly the first time around, getting the poses and transitions in our bodies. Then we flow through that same sequence three more times, each time with a little more speed and a little more focus. This is the perfect series for those of you who love to move in your daily yoga practice. There's very few alignment cues since we're not trying to make each pose 'perfect'. In this series the focus is on transitioning from pose to pose, showing control both coming into and out of each. So being mindful in the in between moments throughout the workout. We end each day with a balance pose, think tree, standing pigeon & eagle. So we move, move, move and then balance, which is one of my favorite ways to practice yoga. When I want to get in the weeds of alignment I hold poses longer, but sometimes you just want to move and not think about anything, especially where your right big toe or left shoulder should be in a pose :). If you enjoy this series, I highly recommend the 7 Day Miami Series. It follows a similar pattern as each of these classes, but there are three different sequences & balancing poses in each! We also focus on a few different breathing exercises.


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