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5 Day Balance Series

About the Series

A focused 5 Day Yoga Series helping you find balance. In this series we'll of course be doing a lot of standing on one leg. But, more importantly, we'll also focus on creating strong anchors within each pose that help us keep our balance and maintain our center. Especially as we move from one pose to the next. I often tell students balance is the great equalizer in yoga. You may be strong and you may be flexible, but everyone has issues with balance. And this really boils down to a lack of focus in your practice, not being fully aware of where your body is in space at all times, a.k.a. proprioception. In this series our goal is to build focus and body awareness, clearly understanding how both anchors and extensions in each pose help keep us grounded and balanced, even secondary anchors like our fingers or hands. We'll especially focus on maintaining our balance as we transition from pose to pose. Often times this is where balance really falls apart. One note: building balance can often times be frustrating. Nobody likes falling over! But just like strength and flexibility, you can get better at balance with just a little focus and practice. Don't get frustrated or beat yourself up. The more you do this, the more you're inside your head, and the worse your balance will be!


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