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4 Day Restorative Yoga Series

About the Series

We’ll give our backs a little love in this 4-day Series, creating more flexibility and mobility in both our lower and middle backs, through a combination of first moving, then active stretching, and finally restorative yoga poses. If you're someone who finds it challenging to slow down and back off rather than always pushing your practice for more, this is the PERFECT series for you. The point of this series is to slow down and take your practice one pose at a time, finding ways to go deeper without forcing. Even for me, I had to 'slow my roll' several times while filming, resisting the urge to move more quickly or skip ahead to more advanced variations of the supported poses. Keep in mind as you make your way through classes that each moment leads to the next. Not to be cliche, but in this series, it truly is about the journey. So slow down, enjoy each moment, and feel how with each pose we go a little bit deeper in creating space in the back of our body. As we move into the active stretching and restorative pose sections, you may find it challenging to get comfortable and completely relax. This always happens when we move outside our comfort zones. The key is continually sending a calming signal to your brain, through a deep and even breathing pattern, that everything is ok and to let go. One last thing, I highly recommend 2 blocks in this series, especially during the restorative section. You can potentially find other props around your house, but blocks are best for these poses. Slow down and enjoy!


2 Plans Available, From $9.99/month
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