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Building Resilience: 3 day series

About the Series

In this series, we focus on building our resilience. We create moments of discomfort in class (we all know how good yoga is for that!), holding poses longer, pushing our flexibility, and cardio-based drills. We layer on one challenge after another ultimately triggering our fight or flight response. Meaning we fight our way through these moments, holding our breath, scrunching up our faces, clenching our toes, waiting for it to be over. I've been there more times than I can count, and I'm guessing you have too. This is especially popular with guys, they love to fight their way through. Or we fly, coming out of poses early, dropping our knees in drills, or stopping completely and having a drink of water. I've been here many times as well, although much less these days than when I first started practicing. Of course, I was also that guy who usually chose to fight. We all have a line in the sand in our practice where the discomfort becomes too much, setting time limits on poses. This series gives you the tools to move that line. When we come to these moments, we practice regulating our response, neither fighting nor flying. We stay calm, cool & collected both physically & mentally, leaning into that discomfort. Building this resilience in our yoga practice, where what used to be unbearable is now the new normal, prepares of for stress-inducing moments in the real world. And by continually moving the line in your practice, the same can become true for life. Each class has been broken down into intervals to help you stay tuned in and focused throughout class. When you see blue that means we're flowing or holding poses, red is drills, and when you see yellow we're taking a much needed break. I've laid out the interval times for each class so you know exactly what's coming your way, and the order in which it's coming! Enjoy.


3 Plans Available, From $4.99
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