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Weights + Recovery | 3 days

About the Series

In this 3 Day series, we divide our workouts in half, combining power yoga (yoga with weights + HIIT drills) and restorative yoga (supported stretches with a yoga strap) into one balanced class, finding that sweet balance between the two. We start with power yoga in the first half, focused on building strength, stamina, and stability through a combo of vinyasa yoga, yoga with weights, and core-focused HIIT drills. From there we switch gears, moving into a recovery-focused series, supported stretches with a strap (or towel), building space in our hamstrings and hips. As you make your way through the series, turning the corner halfway through each class from power to recovery, remember we're using the strap to take the struggle and fight out of these stretches. Once you begin to struggle and work harder than you need too, it's no longer restorative! Also, I've kept the recovery sequence similar for each class, so you can measure your progress as well as do the routine on your own in the future. Similar to other programs, we take our workouts one interval at a time. You'll see the timer in the upper right hand of the screen so you know exactly where you are every minute in class. When you see orange, you're flowing, first moving without weights. Green means we’ve added the weights to our practice. Blue signals we've switched gears and are heading into our back-focused yin sequence. And we all know what red means…you're doing HIIT drills. Orange = Flow Green = Weights Blue = Recovery Red = Drills Yellow = Breaks Make sure you have your light weights ready to go at the start of class. And have a strap or towel nearby as we move into the recovery half of class. Enjoy!


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