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5 Day Strength Series

About the Series

A focused 5 Day Yoga Series helping you build strength, stamina & stability from head to toe! And the way we'll do this is by holding a series of poses...most likely longer than either you or I want to. In this series we'll take it pose by pose, alternate alternating between upper body and lower, holding each pose for approximately one minute. Here's the deal, if you're looking to build real strength & stability, which you absolutely need for more challenging variations of poses and inversions, Vinyasa yoga alone is a VERY long road to get you there. Not saying don't practice this way, flow yoga is probably my favorite styles of yoga! But actually holding those poses we love to flow through builds stamina better than anything else I've ever tried. As humans, we don't like feeling uncomfortable in any part of our lives, but especially physically. We avoid things that put stress on our bodies because it doesn't feel good, and we always want to be feeling good. And when we do choose to put our bodies in uncomfortable positions, like yoga poses, we set a time limit on how long we'll be there. In this series, I guarantee you will want to come out of poses before it's over. A voice will tell you it's too much. When you hear that voice, instead of backing off, go deeper. May not feel good now, but promise it will feel good later! And you will come out of this much stronger :)


2 Plans Available, From $9.99/month
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