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Yogi, Teacher, Father. Will do yoga anywhere, anytime. From National Yoga Director for Crunch Gyms to Co Founder of Dirty Yoga, my goal is making yoga more accessible.

I took my first yoga class in October of 1999 at a Crunch gym in downtown, NYC. It was an Ashtanga class that took off like a rocket from the first sun salutation and didn’t land for 90 minutes when we finally hit sivasana.

The class kicked my ass, and I was hooked! Less than six months later, with 100 classes under my belt, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.

Fast forward two years later and I was doing my first teacher training with hands down my favorite teacher of all time, Jon Cossata. There were only two of us in the training and he ran it out of his place in the East Village, it was super cool.   


Once trained, and no longer in the advertising world, I made the move to Los Angeles where I completed two additional trainings.


One at Yoga Works with Maty Ezraty and and Chuck Miller, the founders. The second with the coolest teacher on the planet, Shiva Rae. 


Four years later things came full circle when I was offered the position as National Yoga Director for Crunch Gyms.


I moved back to New York, and a year later was running the Yoga Program as the National Yoga Director, developing innovative programs and training Instructors across the country.

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