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3 Day Napa Training Series

About the Series

Welcome to a brand new 3 Day Yoga Interval Training Series where we take our yoga one interval at a time. Filmed just outside Napa, each interval has been designed to keep you engaged and challenged from start to finish. My goal is to push you outside your comfort zone, pushing you to continue growing in your practice. Each class consists of 7 unique and themed intervals focusing on cardio, strength, stamina & flexibility. All interval are timed with a countdown clock, counting down to the next interval as well as an overall class timer so you know exactly where you are every minute of class. When you see blue, we're flowing and moving through a sequence. When you see orange we’re holding poses and building stamina. Green means we’re building strength doing yoga with weights. When we hit purple we’re stretching it all out. And we all know what red means…drills! Blue = Cardio Orange = Stamina Green = Strength Purple = Flexibility Red = Drills Yellow = Breaks Each class has been broken down into intervals to help you stay tuned in and focused throughout class. I've laid out the interval times for each class prior to you starting so you know exactly what's coming your way, and the order in which it's coming!


2 Plans Available, From $9.99/month
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